How to Have your Best Child Ever

Jeremy is a kung Fu master and the author of “Your Best Child Ever: Is this game worth winning?”

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Kung Fu Master to Parenting Guru

Jeremy wrote his book after 17 years of working with kids and he started to see patterns in families.

In marital arts, we notice patterns and start to pay attention to what our opponent is doing.

He started to notice patterns in families that he was working with also.

He also thought a lot about himself as a child and things that worked and didn’t work for him.

Imagine your children coming to you, looking for ways to contribute to household chores, having constant respect toward each other.

The Parenting Game

Is this game worth winning?

We have to pay attention to the game we are playing with our kids.

Are we giving our kids the right kind of energy?

They are going to get it in some way, whether positive or negative.

The quantity of energy matters more to kids than the quality of interaction.

The question then becomes, how do we get kids to play our game instead of us playing their game?