The Best Way to Create Lifelong Readers

Kitty Felde hosts the Book Club for Kids Podcast where she discusses books with kids.

The discussion helps kids to relate books to their own lives and make connections. Find out why talking about books will help your kids learn to love reading!

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The Idea is Born

Kitty got the idea for the podcast when she was at a large book fair, and people kept visiting her booth with their kids, and the kids would say they listened too (to her public radio show).

She wondered why the kids were listening, and it was because they were stuck in the car while their parents drove.

She asked kids what they wanted to hear about, and they said books.

She started a show that included book discussions with kids, talking with authors and more.

Talking to Kids

Adults don’t often take the time to listen to kids, and kids have amazing thing to say. Adults are very polished; kids think it and they say it!

Her podcast focuses on talking to kids and respecting their opinions.

She interviews kids of all ages, but especially focuses on kids from 5th- 8thgrade. They pick the book and are then prepared to talk about it.