How to Get Reluctant Readers to Love Reading

Kim Butler is a teacher librarian. Through her work with hundreds of kids, she has learned how to help kids really foster a love of reading. Her tips will help the most reluctant readers fall in love with books.

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Kim Butler is a Teacher Librarian

Licensed teacher, masters degree in school library and principal licensure.

She always planned to be a teacher and then later realized that she wanted to be in library.

Teacher librarian includes a lot of technology, organization skills and life skills. It’s less about curriculum although that is a part of it too.

Kim teaches them in their classrooms and in the library.

Teacher librarians can go to classrooms or have kids come to the library. Kim does both.

What drew you to teaching?

'I’ve always loved working with kids and had an affinity for teaching.

When I was doing my student teaching, I started talking to the librarian and she told me that the library had a lot to do with technology.'

As a librarian, she is also in charge of handling all the library functions.