How to Use Every Opportunity to Teach Kids

Lauren's Background

Been in education for 38 years as a teacher and a principal.

She is a mother of 2 grown sons.

She loves what she does.

When Lauren was 14 she moved in with her grandparents. Her mother had passed away when she was 11.

Her grandfather invented a reading system called the self pronouncing alphabet. He thought the letters were not meaningful, so he turned each letter into an animal.

Lauren used this system and as she got older, she tutored people in reading. That’s what really got her interested in education. People could learn at any age for free.

It helped people to decode but once they realized it was going to be fun, they were on board.

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Lauren's Education

Her grandfather was adamant that she go to college. She applied for scholarships and got four of them and they paid for her first year of college.

After her freshman year, she was hooked!

She got engaged young and her grandmother thought she wouldn’t finish her education. She took that as a challenge and finished her education.

She has loved kids her whole life.

She’s been teaching since 1981, and then there was an opening to be a principal.