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How to Prepare Your Kids to Leave Home

Are your kids ready to live on their own? What skills do they need before they leave the nest?

Melissa Dickey has fingured out ways to prepare kids for adulting with her program, life101pro. This podcast will teach you great ways to help your kids get ready and prepare.

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Melissa's Background

Melissa began homeschooling her son in 1st grade when she saw the difficulty of a teacher trying to teach so many kids at so many different levels.

She thought that there had to be a better way and started homeschooling about 8 years ago.

She is a mother of 2. She started homeschooling her daughter in 6th grade.

She says it is a different world homeschooling kids in different grade levels.

Why Life101Pro

When their daughter was between 15 and 16, they thought she wasn’t ready to leave home.

They had learned so much the hard way when they left home, but they wanted better for her.

They created a game with envelopes and gave her an assignment each week. The first assignment was, “hooray! You’ve got a job! Now go find a place to live.”

She had to find a place to live and make phone calls and do the work to actually get a place to live. The future lessons included things like budgeting and meal planning.

As time went on, she got more confident.

When they finished the envelope course, she was ready for whatever was coming next.

They just looked at whatever came next and what life skills you would need in life.

“We started to transition to making this program available for others when we saw the difference this made for our daughter,” Melissa says.

Imagine if kids could leave home without these speed bumps. They started with a blog, and started sharing life skill ideas that they might want to share with their kids.

How To Prepare Kids to Leave Home

Parents want to equip their kids but they aren’t quite sure about the gap.

The program helps them to really work on these life skills.

Some parents don’t have the time to teach all these things or they want help teaching their kids how to be ready for adulthood.

The course is online and covers all kinds of life skills that students will need as they leave home.

The second year of the program they do entrepreneurship. This really flips a switch for kids to be ready for adulting.

It is appropriate to teach these skills around age 16 or older.

For parents wondering where to start: it really can be easy to start preparing your teen for adulting.

Start with daily tasks, and grow their responsibilities from thereYou’ve got this, I promise!

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