How to Prepare Your Kids to Leave Home

Are your kids ready to live on their own? What skills do they need before they leave the nest?

Melissa Dickey has fingured out ways to prepare kids for adulting with her program, life101pro. This podcast will teach you great ways to help your kids get ready and prepare.

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Melissa's Background

Melissa began homeschooling her son in 1st grade when she saw the difficulty of a teacher trying to teach so many kids at so many different levels.

She thought that there had to be a better way and started homeschooling about 8 years ago.

She is a mother of 2. She started homeschooling her daughter in 6th grade.

She says it is a different world homeschooling kids in different grade levels.

Why Life101Pro

When their daughter was between 15 and 16, they thought she wasn’t ready to leave home.

They had learned so much the hard way when they left home, but they wanted better for her.

They created a game with envelopes and gave her an assignment each week. The first assignment was, “hooray! You’ve got a job! Now go find a place to live.”