The Reason Your Childs' Spelling is Awful (and how to fix it)

Gretchen Roe has been homeschooling her 6 kids for the last 21 years. Now she helps students with learning glitches.

Why Do Some Children Struggle with Spelling?

Parents often say that they don’t understand why their kids get 100% on spelling tests, but when they write they struggle to spell words correctly.

It has been assumed that we could memorize a group of words and then we would know those words well and could move on.

That method does work for some people.

A Progression in Learning to Spell

Gretchen thought that spelling was something you were born with- either you could do it or you couldn’t.

Now she knows that there is a developmental progression that spellers need to go through in order to be a successful speller.

Each person goes through a progression while learning to spell.

The research out of McGuffy institute tells us that there is a series of stages

Pre-literate: child benefits from being read to

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