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How Supporting Teachers Supports Students

Dr. Victoria Hampton knows that when teachers are supported, students will thrive in their education. That's why she works with teachers, helping them to know how to reach their struggling students. When teachers get the help and support they need, they are able to do their job better. Students are then able to do their job, which includes learning and growing in the classroom environment.

Dr. Hampton's Background

Dr. Victoria Hampton worked as an elementary school teacher for 8 years and then became an academic intervention specialist and then worked with students who needed extra help. She worked as an instructional specialist where she began to coach teachers. She now travels the country to teach teachers to help students who need extra help.

Dr. Hampton had a situation with a difficult parent. The parent didn’t like the information that she was hearing from Dr. Hampton. Things got out of hand with the parent searching her out on social media and coming into the classroom. Dr. Hampton didn’t feel like she had the support to handle this situation. Because she was not prepared for this type of situation, it was made harder to deal with the parent-teacher relationship. That led to her dissertation.

A lot of times teachers aren’t getting the real life connections between what they are learning and what they are experiencing in the classroom. They don’t know what they need to do to support, teachers, parents and to do their job.

Teachers often have a lack of recourses: financial resources, supplies in the classroom, etc. There is so much teachers would like to do, but they often have to spend money out of their own pocket.

Recognition is another area. We as a nation could do a better job of recognizing teachers for their good work. It is expected that teachers will go above and beyond. We can let them know that we see what they are doing.

Sometimes teachers don’t collaborate with each other. It can be hard for novice and veteran teachers to collaborate. Veteran teachers don’t want to try new methods sometimes.

Novice teachers come in with new ideas, wanting to implement new practices. Students can benefit from both, so when teachers work together, students benefit.

Parental support

When family members get involved in the school, they build a connection with the teacher and the school. That additional support is so helpful for teachers.

It also helps parents understand what children are doing in the classroom. It also helps parents to build better relationships with other parents, with teachers and other students in the classroom.

It’s very important for parents and family members to get involved.

Ask questions. Support teachers. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers for support and detail so that you can make sound decisions for your students and understand what is going on in the school.

When parents build those relationships they can strengthen children’s ability to learn in the classroom.

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