The Best Way to Help Kids Solve Problems

Claire’s Background

Claire wanted to be an astronaut when she grew up. She met Natasha, the other half of Vivify STEM, in college.

Claire has worked as an engineer on the 747 for Boeing, an engineer in the space shuttle program, and as an engineer for a company that designs planes for agriculture and firefighting.

She never planned on being an educator. She has always had a passion for taking the things she learned and communicating them to the next group of people so it’s easier for them to learn.

How Vivify STEM was born

During college, Claire and Natasha led several organizations all with the goal of supporting future engineers.

Several years after graduation, they were talking about how they were yearning to help others. At that time the government was pushing for more STEM skills in the pipeline.

They thought maybe they could help teachers by writing lesson plans for teachers.

What is STEM?

True STEM uses all four of these subjects: science, technology, engineering and math; An interdisciplinary approach to combining those subjects.

It’s student led and project based.

Two problems: one is a mislabeling of something as STEM that really isn’t.

STEM includes all those and solves a problem.

Three stages of STEM