How to Teach Your Kids So They Will Be Successful in Life

Janine is the mother of 6 young children. She believes that an elite education begins in the home. She also helps to train other homeschool parents though her websites, and


She spent a lot of time playing with and teaching her oldest daughter when she was young. Her husband took note of that. He had many different experiences with his own education.

They had planned to send their children to private school, in part because of their faith. They were also interested in prep school for the educational value. But since they wanted a bigger family that became cost prohibitive.

While her husband was doing research, he discovered interesting facts about the psychology of schools. He wrote a book about it, and they decided to homeschool. He discovered that you could get the best of each of those schools at home.

Revealing School

His book is somewhat controversial; it is called Revealing School. It begins with some of his experiences in school and some of the problems he saw.

In the second part of the book, he talks about the origins of school as we know it and its Prussian origins.

In the third part he talks about educational psychology. This details some of the common things you see at school and how it relates to the child’s thoughts about success and how they think and act.