How to Train Student Leaders

Crystal Bishop has worked as a student leader and as an advisor to student leaders. She understands the principles of leadership and how to teach students in a way that really lets them step into their role as leaders. You will not want to miss this amazing episode!

Student Leadership Program

Crystal was part of the founding committee that started a local charter school.

They decided to start a student leadership program and because of Crystal's involvement in student leadership growing up, it was something that the team felt like she had to offer.

It grew each year to become a full functioning class where they met 5 hours a week. The students in that class put on all the events for students.

Student Leadership Experience

When Crystal was a student leader in middle school, the staff there didn’t let the kids do anything; instead, the teachers did everything.

Crystal realized that that didn’t make her feel good as a student.

When students have no power and can’t do anything it is frustrating for them because they want to make a difference and it takes all the fun out of it.

In high school, she had the opportunity to work with different advisors.

One teacher in particular treated the students in a way that they knew that she depended on them and they mattered.

Kids would rise to the occasion and truly be leaders.

When Crystal became student body president she wanted her fellow students to know that they mattered to her and she wanted to follow that model of letting students have responsibilities.