The Magic of Stories and How to Use them in Family Life

Cindy Ford is a mother of 8. She grew up in a family culture that emphasized reading and she carried that on with her own kids.

She is a first time author of The Magic Jelly Bean Story. In this episode, she talks about story telling, games and creativity in family life.

Read and Sing to Kids

Cindy started reading to the kids when they were very little because she had read that it was helpful.

She started reading and singing very young, and her kids were able to read before they went to school.

A Family Legacy of Reading

In her family, they were avid readers for generations.

Her grandmother wrote several books. The last of those she wrote when she was 92 years old.

Her family read all the time.

She learned games from her family where they would write stories.

In one of these, you write a story, then fold it over, so that only the last line can be seen. Then the next person adds on to that story.

She and her sister would make up new lyrics to songs they knew.

Her grandmother also was poet so she had that ingrained in her and wrote poetry as well.

Carrying on the Tradition

Their family went without TV for many years so that the kids had more time to be creative.

She told stories at night sometimes. She especially remembers telling stories at night in the tent while we were camping.