Teaching English Online

What's it like Teaching English Online?

A question we often get at Read With You, is "What's it like to teach English online?"

Read With You approach to teaching is to conduct fun, interactive English tutoring sessions with native speakers of Chinese in one-on-one settings via conferencing software.

In this episode of the podcast, we talked to Read With You teacher Suzanne Funk to tell us her experiences teaching for Read With You.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Funk studied secondary English Education. She knew that she didn’t want to teach middle school, but she started subbing in middle school and loved it.

She continued teaching middle school for 20 years.

Suzanne started working for Read With You when she had an ankle surgery and needed to stay off her feet. She was impressed with the focus on literature and reading, not just the language.

Differences from a traditional classroom setting

Working with students one on one is very different.

She is able to use a lot of her skills from her teaching career in teaching online, such as using silly voices and enjoying a book together. There is so much fun experiencing joy with the kids as they learn.

Technology can cause issues, such as slow internet. That has made her learn to have to think on her feet , which is a great skill that carries over from the classroom.

She teaches ages 4-13 with Read With You, as opposed to focusing on one age group like you would in a traditional school setting.

Using Literature to Teach Language

The students use books to study the language.