Insights from Music that can Improve Children's Writing

I recently interviewed writing expert Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing. His early training was in the violin, and he later studied with Dr. Suzuki of the Suzuki Method. Mr. Pudewa says that music and writing have a lot of similarities. Because of this we can use insights from learning music that will help improve writing skills. What are some of these similarities and how can we use them to enhance children's writing skills?

1. Build a Foundation

There are foundational skills that must be learned before ever playing an instrument. How to stand, how to position the hands or mouth, and how to hold the instrument are just a few of these. These must be mastered before students of music can ever play an instrument.

Likewise, when students are learning to write, they must learn the foundational skills first. There are mechanical skills to learn, such as how to hold a pencil, as well as foundational composition skills.