Julie Bogart on Read With You Presents Part Two

On a practical level, how to you put this into practice?

School kills the life of writing. They hate it; they resent it. Here’s what’s cool about what we do at Bravewriter. All writing is creative. You can’t write an essay without creative thought. We don’t start with outlines, we start with getting a big mess on the paper and then we make an outline.

WE work with the raw materials of writing.

We recommend the 8 week free write. Parents write too. Everyone has a sheet of paper. Set the timer for 5 or 6 minutes (less for younger kids) and everyone just writes for the duration. Before you start, have everyone make a list about things you love and know the most about. When it’s time, they can pick an item off the list or write whatever comes to their minds or a combination of the two. They can write anything, and all you say is Thank you. Week two, you can extend the length or continue for the same amount of time. each week, you can invite kids to read their page aloud, but they don’t have to. As parents, you don’t look at it. IT gets put in a manila envelope and parents don’t look at it. On week 9, pull out all 8 free writes, and if you want to, you can pick one and put it through the revision process. In Bravewriter I have a book called the writer