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Judy Corry on Read With You Presents

Show Notes

First time author, mother, grew up in southern Utah, 4 brothers, 1 sister, SUU Bachelors degree, didn’t study writing, early childhood development

Stay at home mom 3 kids

At age 26, wanted something for herself

Loves to read

Thought she might like to try writing

Had done journaling and writing a blog

Started writing in 2012

Writes young adult contemporary romance and adult clean romance

Protect my heart is her first published book about a woman who doesn’t know she’s an heiress with a target on her back. Another student comes to school and is her secret bodyguard. The story is about the two of them falling in love.

Kindle Scout is a program to help authors get their books published. Submit book to kindle scout and you try to get people interested in your book. The first 10% of your book is able to be read, people get to vote and decide which book they want to have published. Judy won this process.

It was completed and had a cover design, and then amazon requires extra editing at that point.

Judy gets her ideas from anywhere- living life, conversations spark ideas and she hurries to write things down, reading a lot gives ideas, have an idea of where the plot might go, movies, songs, everywhere

Write (other peoples) books the way you think they should go

To keep track of ideas, writes in notebooks all over the house

Use notes app or calendar app in phone

To get into writing, put down baby for a nap, have a quiet place, uses scrivener

Likes to stop writing in the middle of a scene, then she can see where it is going and jump in next time

At the end of the writing session, she writes down a few ideas of where she was planning on taking the scene.

Her writing schedule depends on her daughters nap time. Tries to write for about 2 hours.

Cut out distractions

When I can’t figure out where to go next in the story, I realize I might have made a mistake earlier in the story, and go back and fix what went wrong. Also, I try to find other ways to get inspirited: music, movies, etc.

“The characters have a mind of their own. I start writing and things happen that I hadn’t expected.”

Encourage your children to read. It’s so important to the foundation of writing and storytelling.

In her sons class, they wrote in journals, with pictures and a few words. He would show it to her and she would show her interest in what he’s been doing. As parents, show interest and encouragement.

Tell stories to our children, tell stories that involve them. Let kids choose the characters: imaginary or real. They can add elements of the story.

There are contests and writing conferences for kids that can encourage them as writers.

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