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Carol Gary on Read With You Presents

Listen to the podcast here.

Show Notes:

Carol was raised in Arizona

On a career track

Wanted to be the one to raise her kid, stayed home with them


Appreciates school choice

Mother to two kids, age 13 and 15

Did a lot of reading about learning styles- can be labels in a limited way

Learning styles are like love languages

Four learning styles:

Moving: “outside the box,” creative, being involved physically, variety of ways information can be delivered, not organized

Structured: inside the box, concerned about being right, black/white, struggle going in depth, check the boxes, get stuff done, efficient, focused, quality lacks, visual learners, vocabulary driven, time management, likes schedules and routines

Analytical: staring at the box, gets very deep, need to teach our kids balance, what needs to get done, logical, thorough, independent learners

Community: talking to the box, likes engaging in a social way to learn, likes being able to share, thrive better working with someone, motivated by clubs, auditory methods, excellent communicators, weaknesses: promote independent learning methods

Hard to discern until about 3rd grade

Be sensitive, your child has a primary style, but they have secondary styles as well

“Applied it to myself.”

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