Ashley Slaten on Read With You Presents

Never planed on homeschool. Went to public school herself and had some good experiences. When her oldest was 3 she started researching her options and learned more about homeschool and decided that was the best for their family.

3 main things that were important about homeschool

1. How it would affect their family culture- things they could do as a family if they weren’t at school all day, freedom to explore and build relationships, serve in the community

2. Public School – her experience- she was able to coast along and didn’t really study, wasn’t challenged. Didn’t really learn. It was not very educational for her. She wanted her kids to be able to explore their passions and have the freedom to do that.

3. Concerns about early academics. Felt like school started too young and wanted her kids to be free and exploring, focused on other things rather than academics. Prefers delayed academics. Wanted to protect that time when they were young.