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Tips for Struggling Readers

From an interview with Jen Crook

  • Comprehension is more important than fluency.

  • If your child is struggling, slow down.

  • Break the words into syllables and help them to read and recognize the parts they know. Then put them together by blending the pieces.

  • Speed will come when foundational skills are met

  • Go back to the basics

  • Make reading fun! The rest will come!

Often, children who are struggling with reading have gotten into bad habits. They are sometimes reading so quickly that they miss the meaning of what they are reading. It can be helpful to slow the child down and focus on compression rather than fluency. When a child doesn’t comprehend what they read, this will affect them in so many areas in school. For example, today’s common core math can't be done without good reading comprehension.

Help struggling readers get back to the basics. Slow down. Break down and sound out words when needed. The speed will come once they have a stronger foundation and understanding of the basics.

Jen says, “Reading is supposed to be enjoyable. If a child isn’t getting to experience that because the task is too overwhelming, maybe we have too difficult a book, or maybe we just need to read to them. Eventually that desire will come from them. Make reading fun! The rest will come!”

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