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Read With You Presents

Read With You is proud to announce our new podcast, Read With You Presents! Read With You Presents has new episodes weekly and can be found on iTunes and YouTube.

Read With You has helped children worldwide to learn and improve their reading and language skills. Now, through this podcast, Read With You will help parents and educators as they also work toward these goals.

In order to bring you the latest research, as well as actionable tips that will help you as you teach the children in your life, Read With You Presents will have guests such as: educators, librarians, authors, linguistics experts, child development experts and more.

Read With You Presents is hosted by Chanelle Neilson.

Chanelle Neilson is a mother of 5 and is passionate about education. She has worked as a preschool teacher, substitute teacher for all ages in the public school, teachers aide and specialty instructor for the school district. She loves children and reading with her own five kids is one of her favorite things to do.

Join us each week for a new episode of Read With You Presents!

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