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CHICAGO November 29, 2017 – Read With You has released its Fall 2017 curriculum set, available now on Amazon.  Read With You is an international education company whose ESL division has chosen to create authentic texts of the highest quality for inclusion in their curriculum.  

Over the past year, the team within the Read With You Center for Language Research and Development has created a unique set of books that will be used to teach literacy to native speakers along with many different language skills to non-native speakers of English.  They are designed to be fun and encouraging stories that can stand along with no purpose beyond entertainment, as well.  These books have been written in a way that achieves high-level literary content while meeting the linguistic demands of a strong language program.  To meet this goal, Read With You collaborated with linguists, educators, authors, artists, and designers to develop valuable, engaging stories.

These books are authentic texts that are written by native speakers of English that

Read With You Fall 2017 Curriculum 

Book Cover

accurately demonstrate daily use of English.  They can be used to teach readers literacy basics, such as how to blend sounds, as well as elements of advanced writing, such as use of metaphors and similes to convey meaning.  Each book includes a short parents’ guide which provides the scaffolding for ESL students to understand the story more clearly.  Native readers can use the parents’ guide to practice some language fundamentals in a fun and entertaining manner.  


A team of illustrators have created engaging and intricate illustrations that not only depict the story but extend the meaning of the text even further.  These illustrations support the linguistic features introduced by the text which provides opportunities to move the language focus from reception to practice and articulation through discussion.


Read With You presented the books at the Shanghai Book Fair earlier this month.  The books enhanced the excitement of many who have waited with great anticipation to see the new products.  The company will continue development of the series throughout 2018.



List of Fall 2017 Curriculum Titles

  1. Exploring Different Worlds: Meet Eva and Ben 

  2. The Mis-Adventures of Garbage Cat: Small Cat 

  3. My Pal Puppy

  4. Maisy's Birthday Party

  5. Jack Moves Away 

  6. The Baseball Game 

  7. Amy and Bella

  8. The Antidote

  9. The Black Shadow 

  10. The Voice of Grace

  11. The Blessing Coin

  12. The Ocean Village 

  13. I am Cat

RWY Publishing 

Read With You Publishing RWY Publishing specializes in publishing children's literature, second language learning curriculum and materials, and the American Language Journal, an academic, peer-reviewed journal focused on language use and education in the Americas.  They house a translation department as well to achieve their mission of making knowledge and language more accessible throughout the world.   


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