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Welcome to
Monthly Assessment (MA) Training
Current Teachers (prior to June 2020) 
We've been listening to your suggestions and have revamped our MA process and report. 
The updates are listed below.  This should reduce the time spent on report writing and better display student progress over time. 
Our goals page has also been updated.  If you have any questions, please email  
Thank you and happy teaching! 
Summary of changes: 
  1. All data, examples, descriptions, etc. are cumulative 
  2. If done correctly, your report from the previous lesson will serve as your assessment material
  3. The MA report will focus on numbers and the student's final score against each goal
  4. Only turn in 1 report after an assessment 
  5. IMPORTANT: Download the new MA and Lesson Report Templates by clicking on the toucan-y circles below. 
MA Report: 
  1. After the assessment, you will only turn in the MA report
    1. i.e., you do not need to fill in the MA report + Lesson Report
  2. Update the goals and select "Passed" or "Failed" for each goal. 
    1. 80%+ counts as "Passed"
    2. If the student failed a goal, please explain why and what the learning plan is to teach the target concept moving forward. ​
  3. Copy the data table from your last lesson summary into the MA report
  4. Fill in the bottom line of the data table
    1. The data must be cumulative
      1. The first lesson during the assessment cycle may have a "% correct" value of 0-40% while the assessment should show 80-100%.  ​
  5. If you want to include any prose explanation of activities, reserve your text for the "Letter to the Parents" section or the "Prepare for the Next Lesson" Section. 
    1. If you write a description, change the red text to black.
    2. If you do not want to include a prose description, make sure to delete the text in red.  ​
  6. Select a recommendation under the section "How can I speed up my progress?"
Impact to regular lesson report: 
Because there are some significant changes, there will be a new, simplified
lesson report.  The primary changes are: 
  1. Data tables should ONLY contain numeric values
  2. Data tables must be cumulative 
  3. Each goal must be associated with a specific linguistic subskill (e.g., "Reading"; "Vocabulary")
  4. Update the status of each book in your booklist using the dropdown options. 
  5. Your descriptions and lists of examples and/or errors must be cumulative 
    1. If the student learns 10 words per lesson, the vocabulary list in lesson 1 will have 10 words and lesson 8 will contain 80 words 
  6. Mark which words/phrases the student has not retained 
    1. When a new vocabulary word is added, color it red or add a definition.  
    2. Review the new words at the start of each lesson. 
    3. If the student can demonstrate they retained the meaning, change the color to black or remove the definition. 
Assessment materials: 
Because the report is cumulative, there is no need to make separate assessment materials at the end of the assessment cycle. 
Instead, you can share your screen, test the concepts listed in the report that have not yet been mastered.  



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