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Short Course Knowledge Transfer 


You may have students sign up for your course who cannot meet you within your available hours.  When this happens, we will ask another teacher to deliver your class.  Since the courses require teachers to either facilitate an in-depth discussion or deliver lectures, the teacher must understand your vision for the course. 



To meet this goal, we will share a voice over of your lecture.  The teacher will watch the lecture before lesson delivery to ensure they understand all your intended content. 



You will make a voice over for each of your lecture slides.  For a lecture intended to be 1-hour, the voice over lecture should be about 20 minutes.


Be sure to include any information you expect to possibly teach your students (for example, in the example video below, the teacher specifically calls out where the temples pictured are located even though it isn't needed for the lecture.  She does this so a future teacher can learn that info in case a future student asks, "where is this temple?").



In making the voiceover, you will speak as if teaching the lesson to your intended student audience in a recorded webinar.  However, you should speak at a quick rate of speech as the videos in fact will be viewed by native speakers.  They are observing how you intended to teach your students. 



You can record the lecture directly in PowerPoint. 

Once the recording is complete, you can send it to 



You should make the recordings immediately after finishing development of the course so we can quickly prepare an additional teacher. 



Take a look at the video below if you would like an example.  


Archaeology in Peru

This channel is coming soon!
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