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Ask these questions:

  1. Do you have to model?

    1. First model for the student.  Then ask them to read on their own.  If they are beginners, this might scare or confuse them, so don’t wait too long to start modeling again.

  2. How much can the student read at a time?

    1. Only a few words?

    2. A sentence?

    3. Only 2 lines?

    4. A full page?

  3. What is the student’s reading rate?

    1. Pull up a timer and time how long it took to read the page.  Write down the page number and the amount of time.  After the lesson, you can count how many words were on the page and find the rate of speech.  If there are 30 words on the page and it took 40 seconds to read, you know their reading rate is 45 words per minute.



Ask these questions:

  1. Does the student know the alphabet?

  2. Can the student name each letter as it’s written on the page?

    1. That is, can they recognize the letters when not in alphabetic order?

  3. Can the student spell simple words?

    1. You can cover a word and ask them to orally spell it.

  4. Can the student write a sentence?

    1. You can ask a question and ask them to write an answer.

  5. If so, does the student use correct punctuation and capitalization?


For advanced students, you can ask them about literary devices in the text, such as simile and metaphor, etc.

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