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The Mis-Adventures of Garbage Cat: Small Cat

Like most cats, Small Cat does what he wants to do. Small Cat is very good… except when he is very bad! Read about the different ways Small Cat gets into trouble. Will he still be loved?

Who should read this book?

Children are naturally curious about animals. They will love learning that cats are curious, just like them! They will see that cats have to learn things too.

This book are uses simple sound blends with words that children can sound out. The vocabulary in this book is easy for children to understand. It uses present tense verbs for easy reading.

This book is a level one for very early readers. It is structured so that children can sound out the words they don't know, leading to increased confidence in their developing reading skills.


  • Parents’ Guide 

  • Vocabulary List 

  • Grammar Description 

  • Pronunciation Description

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