3 Techniques that Will Explode Your SAT Score

Marc Hoberman works with students across all areas of learning. On this episode, he gives three great tips for students who are preparing for college entrance exams. SAT and ACT prep can be daunting, but with these tools, your student is on their way to a great score.

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Marc's Story: Adversity Defeated

As a teenager, Marc moved to a different state. Soon afterward, he had a seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. His mom helped him to realize that epilepsy was just one part of him, not what defined him. He wrote a book called Adversity Defeated, about not letting struggles define him. He also wrote a book on education.

He became the educator he is because of his illness. He kept his epilepsy a secret until he was in his 50s.

Teaching Means Connecting

Teaching kids is all about rapport. You really need a connection. If you can’t connect with students, then your knowledge will be lost. Its not just the information, it’s the delivery of the information.

In my tutoring business, I see students with learning disabilities, and sometimes the parents won’t tell me because they are ashamed. I’ve learned that sharing those things can help us to move forward in education.

College Prep Tests

Educators usually don’t like teaching to the test, but when it comes to college prep tests, you really have to teach to prepare for the test.