5 Things Prospective Homeschoolers Need to Know

Are you thinking about homeschooling? Jennifer Elia has some great ideas on tips parents need to know in order to make this important decision. Jennifer has worked as a college professor, in the public school system, as a homeschool mom for the past 10 years, and now helps other homeschool parents. In this episode, Jennifer defines what education really is, and helps parents know how to teach their children.

Jennifer's Background

Jennifer has homeschooled her four kids for the last 10 years. She studied education, worked as an educator, and teaches other parents how to homeschool.

Jennifer was a French Professor at the local college and taught in the public schools also.

She wanted a different educational experience for her kids and she wanted them to have more choices.

She and her husband decided to start homeschooling when their first son was in kindergarten.

Now, 10 years later, it’s been a great experience. It has also been a learning experience because it’s not school; it’s a home education.

Jennifer says she believes in lifelong learning and a mastery of what you want to learn, not just checking things off the list.

Home Education; not School at Home

The difference between school and education is that you can get an education at school but school isn’t the only place you can get an education.

There is education beyond school, and we are built to be curious. If you have the opportunity to learn how to learn than you can continue your education beyond school.