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Nancy Wood on Read With You Presents

Did undergraduate in early education

After graduation, decided to work with younger kids: preschool, child care, head start

Wanted to work with children and parents together, so she became a librarian

Wanted to help educate the parents, and let the parents see how these skills were used and be able to use them at home

There is a skill to helping children learn how to learn

Library Program:

Worked with the environment first

“Environment is a teacher that we kind of take for granted. We don’t always realize what environment can do in teaching the child.”

Children need stimulation in many areas: cognitive, musical, physical, social, emotional

Open ended projects, so there’s not a right way to do something

Story time, music

Music is a key factor in helping children hear the difference in our language, helps with vocabulary and understanding

Toys that are open ended: toys that a child can do more than one thing with

“Work time”- parents go to each station and work with their children (as their children play)

Having these experiences helps them set the foundation and succeed later in school

Opening song, closing song

Loose schedule

An hour plus

Everything is fun and engaging

Putting a block on top of a block: what are they learning?

Working with open-ended toys is more than just what you see

Talking to the child about what they are doing: you are giving them language concepts

They are learning new vocabulary.

There is so much more learning going on.

It’s important for parents to spend some time playing with the child and encourage and give them ideas and words.

Go beyond colors and numbers

There’s no storybook police. You don’t have to read the words on the page, you don’t have to finish the book, you can make up stories about the pictures

What concept do I want to convey in this book?

Slow down when reading. Enjoy the moment. Ask for predictions and let the child answer before you turn the page.

Try to get the child involved with the book

Don’t tell everything that happens, let the child think of their own ideas.

Use finger puppets or toys to tell story

Books are more than just words on the page

Keep it simple, make it fun

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