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Make Reading Come Alive!

Reading aloud can really make books come alive! People of all ages enjoy listening to a story. Here are some tips from Kayla Stucki that will help you as you read aloud with your kids.

1. Keep reading to your kids, even when they are older. Reading aloud is not just for the younger kids. Enjoying a book together is a great way to connect to your child. Your kids will never be too old to listen to you read!

2. Alter your voice. There are many ways to do this that can add variety and make the story come alive. Use different character voices, such as nasally or making your voice come from deep down in your chest. Change the speed by reading fast or slow. Change the pitch of your voice, making it low or high. These fun ways of reading voices give a depth to the characters that your children will really enjoy.

3. Use body language as you read. The way you hold your body or move your arms when reading a specific character can add a lot to the story. This is a subtle way to teach children what is going on, and to better understand the meaning behind the words.

4. Let your child choose books they enjoy. If you want your child to be excited about reading, allow them to choose books that are interesting and appealing to them.

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